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What Military Service Members Should Know About Insurance

Legal Protections While on Active Duty

This article provides information on what steps military memebers should take prior to getting insurance, as well as other information. This article was provided by the Texas Department of Insurance.


Before you buy insurance, ask the agent how the company would handle issues that come up while you're deployed. For instance, ask about how you can pay your premiums or renew your policy. You might be able to pay your premiums automatically from your bank account or renew your policy early.

If you let your policy expire or you don't pay your premiums on time, insurance companies might not insure you or might charge you more when you renew your policy.

Some insurance companies might allow you to suspend coverages while you're deployed. This will help you save money, and it could also help you avoid coverage lapses.

Ask your insurance company if it offers discounts for military members. Many companies do.

What military service members should know about insurance

Military service members getting ready for deployment should make sure their insurance coverages are in order.

Review your insurance coverages before you deploy to decide whether they will meet your needs while you're away. You might need to raise your policies' dollar limits or buy additional policies. Consider setting up automatic premium payments to avoid lapses or cancellations of coverage. Ask your company if it's possible to suspend coverage while you're deployed.

Insurance laws are different in every state. This publication applies only to insurance in Texas. If you bought a policy in another state, contact the department of insurance in that state for any coverage questions. Visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's website for state contact information.

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