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Court Information

I want to know more about Texas courts.

This page contains links to online directories and general information on Texas courts to help you find information on courts in your area. 

Also, please click the play button to the left to watch a video on Texas Courts produced by TexasCountiesDeliver.org.


Texas Court Information


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    What court is right for me?

    CAUTION: Figuring out the right court to file your case in, or the way to respond to a case, is more complicated than finding the closest court to you. The court your case should take place in can depend on several factors including:

    • Where you live;
    • Where the other side lives; and
    • The subject matter of the case.

    If you are unsure about where to file your case, get legal advice before going further. You can also go to the ask a question section of our website for more guidance. 

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  • Texas Courts (District, County, and Justice Courts)  - Interactive Map

    Please click the link below for an interactive map of district, county, and justice courts in Texas. This interactive map was developed by the Texas Office of Court Administration. Simply click your county for a listing of courts in your area.

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  • Court Jurisdiction Maps

    A court can only rule on your case if it has the power to make decisions on your case. Generally, courts have power to make decisions over cases in a set physical area of Texas. Click the link below for maps of the jurisdiction of Texas courts. These maps were developed by the Texas Office of Court Administration. 

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  • General Information on Texas Courts

    Click the link below for a guide to the different courts in Texas. This publication was written by the Texas Office of Court Administration. 

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Information on Texas Child Support & Child Protection Speciality Courts